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Standard pro film percentages we use are 50, 35, 20, and 5%.
Ceramic Ifra-red film percentages we use are 60, 50, 40, 30, 20, and 5%.


Minnesota's legal tint limit is 50% on a car, and the front side windows of any vehicle. Nothing on the windshield. As dark as you want on the rear, and rear side windows on SUV's Vans' and Trucks.

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Tinting reduces dangerous glare from the sun, snow, and other headlights; increasing your safety while driving.

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Protects your privacy and contents within your vehicle. What a burglar can't see, they won't steal.

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Tinting your windows can decrease the temperature in your vehicle by 60%; especially on those hot summer days.

Tint Care & After Care

Care and Cleaning of New Window Film:
Rolling down windows: don't roll down the windows 3-5days after installation. Rolling them down before they can cure can lead to peeling at the bottom or bubbles, which is not covered under the lifetime warranty. A do not roll down sticker can be applied over the roll downs upon customers request.

Dry Time:
After installation your windows can be cloudy, hazy, and you may see little water pockets. This is normal. when the windows are tinted, the squeegee can only remove so much of the water from under the film. Tint is pourus. So as the film dries the water will evaporate out through the film. Water is attracted to itself. So just like it beads up on your windshield when it rains, it will also bead up under your film when it starts to dry. This will take some time to go awy. It can take anywhere from a few days to around a month depending on the temperature, humidity, and amount of sunlight it gets.

Do not clean your windows for a few days after installation. they will be lightly wiped down after installation, but will need a proper cleaning. Don't use any window cleaners with ammonia in them. This includes blue Windex. Most spray foam cleaners are amonia free and will say it on the front of the can. Vinegar and water also works.

Dot Matrix:
Most modern vehicles have a black ceramic dotted edge around them. This can be extremely thick and wide especially at the tops of some rear windshields. Window film, does not stick as well to this. It's also at a different height on the glass, which causes it to push the tint away from the window. This leaves little air pockets that have a whitish look to them to appear. This is normal and can be minimized by pushing the film back down after it has dried.

Scratches and chips in the glass and/or film:
Older vehicles may have scratches in the glass running up and down the window. This is caused from sand and dirt getting lodged between the glass and window gasket. Rolling the windows up and down allows the debris to leave small scratches in the glass. Installing film over the scratched glass makes these scratches much move visible, and may even show scratches that were never noticed before. the same thing may happen after the film is applied and the debris scratches the film itself. This damage along with seat belt chips and any other form of self damage is not covered under the lifetime warranty.

Atmospheric Conditions:
Since Lifestyle tint is a mobile company in Minnesota, we advise that when it is 40 degree or below actions must be taken to allow the film to properly dry. We need a heated closed garage that the vehicle can be stored in for the next several days after installation in colder temperatures. This allows the film to properly adhere to the glass and the remaining moisture to evaporate out. If the vehicle is tinted and left in below freezing conditions while the film is still wet, the water pockets will freeze leaving small white ice bubbles under the film. This may not fully go away once the film is allowed to properly cure. Being mobile means we also need clean areas to work. If the surrounding area is dusty or has a lot of air movement, dust, dirt, and fuzz can land of the glass after being cleaned, or on the film after the release liner is removed. Whatever lands on these will be stuck under the film. No environment is completely dust free, but we do offer a cleaner heated garage to perform the work in. Unfortunately to keep our mobility high and pricing low some small imperfections can be expected. You will be able to inspect your vehicle before payment and us leaving. Once the vehicle has been inspected and accepted Lifestyle Tint has no obligation to warranty work due to atmospheric conditions.

No environment is perfect. Their is dust anywhere you go. So some amount of defects can be found caught under the film. To avoid this as best as possible make sure the vehicle especially the windows and surrounding areas are clean, and a good environment is used to tint in.

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