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Tinting reduces dangerous glare from the sun, snow, and other headlights; increasing your safety while driving.

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Protects your privacy and contents within your vehicle. What a burglar can't see, they won't steal.

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Tinting your windows can decrease the temperature in your vehicle by 60%; especially on those hot summer days.

Mobile Service

Whether it is a home, business, or warehouse, we offer convenience by coming to you. Give us a call today for an immediate estimate.

Residential Tinting

Increase privacy, safety and security of your home with long lasting and quality window tinting.

Commercial Tinting

We provide SunTek Safety & Security Window Films for Residential, Commercial, and Government properties.

High Quality

To ensure our product meets your standards, we only use high quality materials with a lifetime warranty from our provider Suntek.

Marine Service

Take the glare off the water. Choose Suntek films to add that upscale look to your boat today.

Choose the pricing option that best suits you!

We are a mobile tint company that needs a heated garage big enough to open the doors all the way, good lighting, an outlet, and a cleaner more dust free environment with low to no air movement. I do offer my garage to keep my price low for my customers, and because everyone doesn't have one that works well. I'm located in Albertville. All warranty work must also be done at my location unless approved otherwise.

Since we're mobile, we work on a cost to distance ratio for tinting to help with drive time and fuel costs. 10-30 mins away is an extra $20, 30-hr away is $40, after an hour it's based on time distance and the amount of vehicles I'll be tinting.

Our Pricing Stucture

Standard Pro Film

$ 160 Sedan
  • $30 sun roof
  • $40 brow
  • $60 front sides
  • $80 windshield or double brow
  • $140 coupe
  • $160 sedan
  • $180 wagon
  • $200 SUV or Mini Van

CIR Film

$ 220 Sedan
  • $30 sun roof
  • $40 brow
  • $100 front sides
  • $120 windshield
  • $180 coupe
  • $220 sedan
  • $240 wagon
  • $260 SUV/ mini van

Residential & Commercial

$ 5 sq/ft
  • SunTek Window Films
  • Glare Reduction
  • Excellent Solar Performance
  • Superior Optical Clarity
  • Advanced Adhesive Formulation
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Competitive Pricing

Tail Light Tint

$60 Paint $100 Vinyl

Recent Tints

Here is a highlight of some of our most recent tint jobs along with our customer comments.

Chee Lee
Awesome Work and awesome guy. Thanks again! Cory is the go to guy!
Hunter Hill

Pictures don't do it justice Thanks Cory!
Brandon Lewis
Dude- fucking awesome job! Excuse my language...

The other guys and I at the shop appreciate the good, quick work and coming to us. Your number is locked and saved! Any cars coming through the shop for tint, we're calling you!!
Tracey Brooks
Cory just came in and tinted out 4 vehicles for us. Top notch quality! Everything looks awesome.

He's fast and knowledgeable; the quality of work shows it's not his first rodeo! HIGH RECOMMENDED! We have other vehicles in our fleet of work and personal vehicles that will be needing his attention real soon!
Mike Whiting
Thanks again. Another job well done. Customer for life!
Aura Gronert
Huge shoutout to lifestyle tint for tinting my windows. They look absolutely perfect. I love it they way they look :)
James Bush
Thanks again! If anyone needs Tint, hit this man up!
Tommy Crosser
Cory does a great job!
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